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Here are some of the most common services we provide:
  • Hard drive is clicking or making noise
  • Hard drive doesn't spin
  • Hard drive not recognized by computer
  • Accidental data deletion or reformat
  • Data corruption
  • Data encryption issues
  • RAID recovery issues
  • Short circuit on board
  • SSD data recovery



Your data is 100% Confidential and is discarded after the job is done! No data no charge
We are the number 1 in data recovery in New York City, Low Prices and Fast turn Around time!!!
* Logical Hard Drive Failure
In a logical hard drive failure, the computer hard drive is not broken. You still have a hard drive with a sound architecture, but the drive is not able to properly read and sort data.
Logical hard drive failures can stem from human errors like accidental file movement. If you accidentally delete, move or overwrite important system files, your hard drive can crash.
* Mechanical Hard Drive Failure
When you are dealing with a computer hard drive that has some broken parts such as a chipped arm or a scratched platter, then you have a mechanical hard drive failure. Broken hard drives usually give off a clicking noise when operating. If you hear a clicking sound when you turn on a laptop that has just suffered from a nasty fall, chances are that you have broken the integrity of your hard disk drive.
We recover data from Mac hard drives 90% Success rate

A Google User reviewed 2 years ago Overall Very good Thank you! I was stunned to find my precious data on the recovery hard drive today. This is a huge relief. Data Recovery NYC managed to recover data which I have no way to recreate. If I ever hear of anyone suffering from a computer crash like I did, I will tell them to call Data Recovery NYC ! It took them a week to finish this, not sure if that is a normal amount of time for crashed hard drive. 
A Google User reviewed a year ago Overall Good It was recovered recovered I am not sure what kind of work the previous user used this company for as they provide a number of services besides data recovery however for my personal experience it was a ok working with this company. I want to personally thank them for the work that was performed on my hard drive. 
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